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This retreat includes: your room, good food (lite dinner, breakfast, and lunch), souvenirs, power pack life changing sessions along with girl time fun. Bring your bestie so you can room together.


Your total retreat cost is $125. Your first deposit of $60 is due when you fill out your registration form. After filling out the form you will click the pay button and it will take you to $differencemakers225 cash app.Once you have paid your deposit you will receive a confirmation email giving you all updated information of things you will need to know coming up to the date of the retreat as well as the remaining balance of $65 that will be due by Nov. 1. When you receive your reminder notification to pay your balance you will repeat the same instructions above. If you would like to pay in full you can do so and you will receive a notification receipt stating that you paid in full.


Can't wait to see you there. 

Shirley's Master Class Webinar

We are going to learn some powerful tools on how to run your race to succeed. YOU WILL DISCOVER: what is hindering you from being the best you that you can be and what is stopping you from walking fulfilled and purposed. Why is it crucial for you to walk in your God given purpose and develop a strategy plan to run your race to succeed.


>Knowing that you were created to do great things so walk boldly in your purpose.


>Efficiency in managing many roles and giving 100 percent to each area without falling short or getting discouraged. Effective roles: Mother, Wife, Business Owner, Boss, Co-worker, etc.


  • Intangible Happiness. We are all different and you can’t be all that you can be by acting or patterning your life after others so embrace your differences and be happy in the skin that you are in.


Objective #1

To recognize and uproot any growth-hindering habits and thought process that may be keeping you from living the life that was given to you to live.


Objective #2

Developing motivational self- help tools to encourage you to move to the next level in your life more fulfilled and purposed.


Objective #3

Identify ways to embrace your roadblocks and life interruptions as opportunities for growth and utilize them to help make you stronger in your destiny to succeed.


Shirley Weber is a motivational speaker, Christian wife, mother of three and grandmother of four. She is also the author of two motivational self-help books that was nominated for best faith culture book of the year and best author of the year. She along with her husband are the founders of Difference Makers 225 which is an organization that purpose is to bring awareness and change to others by presenting a motivational presentation, along with resources that will inspire other to know that their life and abilities matter, helping other focus on setting and reaching long and short term goals and receiving tools that others may need for physical and psychological advancements. She has had the opportunity to conduct motivational assemblies, trainings, business luncheons and mentorship programs in schools, residential nursing homes, local businesses, churches and different community outreaches. Her goal and passion is to help others by her message of selfless living and sacrifice that is so needed today. Her motto and title of one of her books which she applies to her way of living each day is “To make a difference you have to be different”.