Larkin and Shirley Weber are the founders of Difference Makers 225 which is an organization that purpose is to bring awareness and change to others. They bring motivational presentations, along with resources that will inspire others to know that their life and abilities matter, focus on setting and reaching long and short term goals, and receiving tools that they may need for physical and psychological advancements. The Weber’s have had the opportunity to conduct motivational assemblies, trainings, business luncheons and motivational speaking in schools, residential nursing homes, churches, and community outreaches. They have also collaborated with other organizations with specific target based resources that men, women and children can receive to assist in bringing positive change in our cities. The Weber’s speak on variety of topics and in different settings: they also bring a unique skit with teaching on how to have powerful relationships with others. The Weber’s are accomplished authors and have written three motivational self-help books entitled: To Make A Difference You Have To Be Different. This book has been nominated for best faith culture book of the year and best author of the year. The second book is entitled Just What the Doctor Ordered, an instructional and motivational book on relationships, and this book along with their Marriage Boot Camp Study Session has been used as a centerpiece for the Movie “The Perfect Mate”.


About The Author

Shirley Weber is a motivational speaker, Christian wife, mother of three and grandmother of four. She is also the author of two motivational self-help books that was nominated for best faith culture book of the year and best author of the year. She along with her husband Larkin Weber Sr. are the founders of Difference Makers 225. Shirley Weber have a deep passion to motivate and strengthen others to be the best version of themselves. She has come up with the Masterclass Webinar which is 12 powerful pre-recorded teachings that you can watch in the comfort of your own home, with a couple of your girlfriends or even at your next women group. These motivational teachings will encourage you to face any situation with an I can win attitude. To receive more information, click on the Teaching Segment Link at the top of the screen and once you sign up within 24 hours you will receive your private link to get started.


About The Author

Larkin Weber Sr. also known as Doc Kno (Disciple of Christ) is a strong pillar to the community. He devotes his time to mentoring, teaching, and encouraging others with the word of God. He displays his many talents through his music, videos, and his television talk show One Way TV 225. This Christian Tv talk show brings you a variety of great content from amazing guest with music videos, motivational tips and scripture references. He has amazing chemistry with his co-host wife Author Shirley Weber and they always have you on the edge of your seat waiting to hear the new word of the day, or message from the letter box. To watch the One Way TV 225 Show, click on the link above and make sure that you subscribe to the channel so that you can be notified of all upcoming episodes.