Pastor Larkin and Shirley Weber, of G Force Ministries, are servants to the body of Christ with a deep passion for marriage strengthening, restoration and support. After meeting as teens, Larkin and Shirley started as high-school sweethearts and soon after graduating entered into life together as newlyweds. After 26 years of marriage, raising three wonderful kids (Larkin Jr., Tiffany and Andre) and three grandchildren, the Lord touch their hearts to open up their home to Couples. In 2013, Larkin and Shirley started “Couple’s Night at the Weber’s”; a ministry were they invited married couples to their home for a night filled with fun, love, dinner, teaching and fellowship. God has used their passion for love and relationship to provide both marriage and pre-marriage counseling. They use this opportunity to help strengthen the one union God intended to last a lifetime. Their message of “selfless” living and sacrifice is the very backbone of the gospel of Jesus Christ and is so desperately needed in the church today to restore the sanctity and purity of marriage. Larkin and Shirley Weber have embraced the marriage challenge and made the commitment to “Let Love Win” each day of their lives.  

"To Make A Difference You Have To Be Different" 

Do You Know Your Identity, Overcoming Your Weaknesses, Confronting and Conquering Fear, Do Others Dictate Your Happiness, Be Determined To Enjoy Your Life, Are You Counting It All Joy, Stay Focused, Think Big, Learning How To Lead, It's Not Bad To Be Different, Choose Relationships Wisely, Two Becoming One

About The Author

Shirley Weber is a wife, mother of three and grandmother of four. She was inspired to write this book by many of her clients that she has encouraged in her counseling sessions. She believes that equipping others with inspiring teachings will help to build a strong, happy, and healthy lifestyle.