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Welcome To Difference Makers 225 Site

Welcome to the Difference Makers 225 Site. We are so glad that you joined us. Under the Umbrella of Difference Makers 225, we have different ministries that will help you on your journey. Browse the site below.

Marriage Constructors & Relationship Therapists


Marriage is a journey and it’s easy for couples to get side track and lose their way. The Weber’s have been married for thirty plus years and through years of experiencing different situations that life can bring they have a deep passion for strengthening, restoring and supporting marriages. They use their many skills through writing, motivational speaking, community outreaches, counseling, seminars, retreats and their small and large social media groups to give others the tools and resources that they applied in their relationship to be strong, powerful and successful. The Weber’s also have created a dramatized skit that will have the couples laughing but at the same time relating to issues that we all have faced and or facing in marriages today. They share a power packed teaching along with activities that the couples can and will have hands on experience. The Marriage Boot Camp Kit comes with a study book, dvd teachings, books and audio book that the couple can work on together to bring what they learned home to keep their relationship thriving for that success.


Youth Events Conferences and School Motivation


Difference Makers 225 Organization goal is to partner with schools, conferences and youth organizations to bring a power packed presentation with resources to inspire students to excel in academics and give them that extra push that is needed to advance, increase test scores, and overcome any obstacles that may be a hindrance to their true success. We also extend encouragement and support to the educators and staff to help keep the fire going so that they can be inspired to educate our future generation.

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